Tuesday, February 15, 2022

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Hi there,

I understand how frustrating it is to be bombarded with promotional emails, so I promise to cut to the chase and make this one worth your time.

A growing number of thought leaders and entrepreneurs choose to build their website on Bookmark.

Here are a few reasons why

  1. Bookmark.com is powered by Ai, this means you answer a few simple questions about the website or store you want and Bookmark’s Ai engine builds one for you in minutes.

  1. You have access to your very own Ai Design Assistant (AiDA) which evaluates how visitors engage with your website and compares these metrics with those gathered from other high-performing ones. AiDA will use this information to send you tailored bi-weekly optimization suggestions which are designed to boost your visitor interactions and can be implemented with a single click. 

  1. The drag-and-drop editor makes customizing your website easy. Make the edits you want without writing a single line of code.

  1. Most features are built into the platform. This means you are not purchasing third party apps to translate your website, have customers schedule appointments and curbside pickups, implement lead generation forms, and accomplish so much more

  1. Bookmark is trusted and recommended by the largest financial institutions and organizations committed to the success of entrepreneurs like yourself including Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Moneris, Owner, and several others.

I know you are busy and so rather than listing all of the reasons why Bookmark is the fastest growing website builder, I only shared those I thought would be most important to you. To learn more about this amazing builder,please click here to start your free trial,I promise it will be well worth your time. 


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